Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Nintendo to Bring New Super Mario Bros Wii , with classic nintendo controller to Android

          Behind closed doors Nintendo has been talking to Android about how to bring New Super Mario Bros Wii to Android. Nintendo stance has always been Super Mario Bros will never come to any mobile platform. Even with investors pressure Nintendo maintained a hardline stance till recently. Nintendo's Wii U has not lived up to its promise and investors are making bold threat's since losing money on the Wii U gamble.
            Google has developed a way to deliver a solution to what Nintendo's main concern has always been. Nintendo has seen high piracy rates in mobile markets whether its Iphone,blackberry,windows phone, or Android. Using new state of the art technology Android has promised a way to make sure there won't be any New Super Mario Bros Wii apk"s floating around on the internet. Developers at Google have shown Nintendo this new technology and has convinced them to consider the Android platform.
        The new anti-piracy technology will work server side when a user opens the application. The application will connect to the internet to the servers where Super Mario Bros Wii will reside. All the New Super Mario Bros Wii apk function is to connect to the server that the game is on. Unforturnally this means you need an internet connection to play the game which is a small cost to play one of the best selling games of all time. Nintendo is in the process of testing this revolutionary method and so far likes the result. New Super Mario Bros Wii could be in the hands of Android consumers by this christmas. As an added bonus Nintendo plans to use the original controller image as the controls, signifing the 1st mobile application made by the Console Game Giant.